pie and p
I have loved working with Pie Corbett once or twice a term at our  ‘Talk and Drama for Writing’ Conferences.  I have learned a lot about the ‘Talk for Writing’ system and have been using Drama Strategies that support the development of Storymaking, Storytelling and understanding and creating story texts.
Last term we launched Pie Corbett’s,  ‘Talk for Writing and the Arts’ project at The Wroxham School, where Dame Alison Peacock is the Executive Headteacher.  It was soon oversubscribed!  I look forward to leading Drama for Writing workshops there soon, as part of this.

This project involves Pie working with nationally renowned practitioners for Art, Music, Dance and Drama.  A series of arts focused conference days are being provided for a group of ‘Alliance’ schools.  Outcomes of resulting school based practice will  be gathered and shared.  I am advising on the arts inputs and leading on the Drama sessions. Watch this space!