I have created and published several full Drama units  on the theme of Migration and led workshops on them in various countries.  In ‘The Primary Drama Handbook’ I have a unit of work called ‘Leaving Home’ . It uses Shaun Tan’s ‘The Arrival’ as the key resource.  See my Lessons section for a free, shorter version of this.   Also, I use the provocative picture books of Armin Greder.  You can find a free, short version of my drama unit on ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder . Click the  ‘Lessons’ tab.  These lessons were commissioned by the DCSF to help prevent racism and violent extremism.  I also have written a drama unit on ‘The City’ (by Armin Greder) , about a mother who leaves a war torn country, seeking a safe place to bring up her child. This is published in the second version of ‘With Drama in Mind’.  Last (but certainly not least) in the book I wrote with Rob John, ‘Inspiring Writing  Through Drama’ . This has a great, full drama unit called ‘Lorry’ (written by Rob John).