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The Saddest King  (lesson)

Longing and Belonging (lesson)

With Drama in Mind  (Book excerpt and Lesson)

Drama is an Elephant  (Opinion)

Letters from the Chair (National Drama )    

Chair 15.1

Chair 18.2

Chair 19.1

Chair 19.2

Chair 20.1

Chair 20.2

Chair’s Report

‘Teaching Drama’ Magazine          Cover Teaching Drama - Aut 1, 2012

A fairy tale come true  (Opinion)

All in all it’s up to us to take the bricks from the wall (Opinion )

By the pricking of my thumbs (Opinion)

Death by Thousand cuts (2)  (Opinion)

Sense or Seance (Opinion)

The Curriculum in Wonderland (Opinion)

AUTUMN2011- Dorothy Heathcote  (Tribute)

Primary Subjects (Council for Subject Associations)  link1

Autumn 2009-Primary Subjects-Get Set for London2012 Games