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FINAL evaluation of D4LC  by Dr David Simpson of the University of Brighton 

Evaluation Powerpoint

UNESCO and D4LC  A report that I  presented as the Director of D4LC, at UNESCO’s 2nd World Arts in Education Conference in Seoul, South Korea


Hundreds of  teachers who participated in D4LC,  generously contributed a lesson each to be shared online.   Some of their D4LC lessons are below.

Dozens more lessons will be added to this page, from time to time, so do keep visiting.

Please note that these lessons have not been edited or quality assured but there are some great lesson ideas and plans here!.  Enjoy!

Reception and Y1 – What the Ladybird Heard

Reception, Y1 and Y2 – Problem Solving with King Arthur

Reception to Y6 – The Village that Vanished

Y2 – Swan Lake

Years 3 and 4- Voices in the Park

Y3 and Y4 – Voices in the Park

Y5 and Y6 – The Last Wolf Speaks from the Zoo

Y5 and 6 -The Lady of Shallot

Y5 and 6 – The Lady of Shallot

Y3 and Y4 – World War 2

Y3 and Y4 – Victorian Cotton Mill